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Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit

Review by Outlier

Great book mate, very, very well done. You've explained a complex topic extremely well, with little to no ambiguity. Something most others have tried but failed, and miserably at that.

Clear, concise and straight to the point which is what I really loved about the book. Like someone else mentioned, they were only a few pages in and they already had loads of notes. I don't take notes, but I had to stop reading numerous times because the ideas kept bombarding my head as I understood what you were trying to convey in the book.

I'm 1/2 way through my second read and am already testing my own strategies based on what I already know, and what I've learned in your book. I'm a software engineer so I even have some algorithm trading ideas I'd like to try out.

Thanks for your book Darkstar, I will go balls out and say it's the best I've read yet. I was smacked with ideas and not many other books I've read on trading in general have done that to me. Well done buddy.


Review by JSlee:

I have received your book on the 29th of Sep. Look thru the book, it is very well written and is quite easy to read for a newbie of order flow knowledge.

Review by k1:

Holy sh** Darkstar, this is phenomenal! And I've read everything you've posted on FF!

Review by kenji:

I've just received the book and am enjoying it. Great job and my greatest respect to you.

Review by ScottApple:

Well i just got a copy of order Flow trading for fun and profit (last night) and read it from start to finish in one go - not sure the girlfriend liked me ingoring her all night - but it was well worth the read. Confirmed a lot of what i was not sure about whether it was right or wrong. A whole new way of thinking by putting it into perspective. The liquidty vacum is something else!

DS 'Great book'. Thank you

Review by Trublu:

I think it is definitely worth the cost and then you throw in the forum which is a nice added bonus. I think this is going to be a great place to learn order flow and to fully understand the concepts of the book.

Review by Abu Nura: got mine today! don't know if i should read it or eat it...

Review by Ted Ciporin:

Got mine today and am on page 40 right now. So far it's excellent. Great information and I think it's very well written. Maybe it's because I have an intense interest in learning this, but I didn't find myself "drifting off" at all; it's held my interest the whole way :)

Review by Richard Angelo:

I'm about 1/3 of the way through. Have to say, it's living up to its billing. The organization is excellent and the writing is superb. It isn't easy to explain complicated things so that everybody can understand them but Darkstar hits it out of the park in that regard. So far, all I can say is "Well Done!!"

Review by Travis:

Overall, I think DS did exactly what he set out to do. He was trying to give people a foundation of OF trading in which to build from. The answers aren't all there in the book, but that would have been impossible to achieve and frankly, wasn't meant to be. I think in so many words, that is exactly what this forum was created for. This is what I am hoping for the most, that the forums will help identify for me, the best way to view Market Sentiment.

Thanks Daemon for your time and effort in writing this book!!

Review by umanetu:

I must say it's a gem! I bet nothing even similar on the subject of trading has been published so far. Especially when it's done by the guy who doesn't come from banking career. But then again, if Darkstar was an ex-banker he wouldn't dare to publish anything like this just because it wouldn't be honest to his old friends.

The only flaw I found is some typos and I would probably rephrase some sentences but that doesn't affect the quality of info presented in the book.Many thanks, Daemon! I owe you a drink if we meet someday!

Review by Tyler:

I just finished "Order Flow Trading For Fun And Profit" and it was completely worth it. Thanks DS. The book is great, it's a perfect guide to let you know your on the right path or point you in the right direction.

Review by arana67:

Sweet baby Jesus. I'm only ~30 pages in yet I already have a full page of notes.This might be a short book but it doesn't waste a single sentence :)

Review by Tact1cal:

I just finished the first section on micro structure analysis. Really great book so far DS. I know the point of the book to explain exactly what OF is in a way that is understandable. I think you did an amazing job of this as far as I have read. DS explains the concepts of micro structure analysis in a clear way using simplified scenarios and a liquidity model to demonstrate how orders move price on a nano level. He also shows how the behavior of different types of market participants impact price as the result of their decisions to place orders.

I really wish I would have had this section when I first started digging into OF as a new trader. I think new traders will find this chapter extremely useful. It took forever to work out some of these concepts that you explain so clearly.

Review by rocslocs:

All I can say is wow. Was up til 2am reading, jotting down notes. It is worth every cent. Really opened my eyes to soo many things as well as clearing up a lot of misconceptions that I had. Its a book that you'll read over and over again and still pick up something new. Thanks Darkstar.

Review by Rick86:

I have to agree with the above....the main thing I'm impressed with is how intricate the concepts are yet how beautifully explained they are....You're really becoming a first-class scribe DS! My hat's off to ya.

Review by Wamo:

I have just finished the book, which I quite enjoyed. It is a fairly quick, easy read, especially for someone who has already gone through Harris' Trading and Exchanges (which was anything but quick and easy). Daemon lays out the landscape well without getting bogged down in details. While I had pretty much already realized the core strategies he lays out in the last section (Oh Sweet Liquidity was a big eye-opener for me), I was missing one piece which Daemon specifically mentions. I now know the one key component I am missing and I also now understand how to go about acquiring it.

Review by John Phoenix:

Just skimmed through the book and my first impressions are good. Professionally printed and bound. Nice clear font. A few of the illustrations are a TINY bit fuzzy but not bad enough to detract from what's being depicted.Outstanding first effort, Daemon. Are you working on the sequel yet?

Review by Roadkill:

Nice work DS! Excellent info and well worth the investment. I have been at this trading game for quite some time now and have learned a thing or two. The section on "Microstructure Analysis", and particularly the chapter on "Price Change and Liquidity Disequilibrium" was an eye-opener. Anyone who has looked at a chart or placed a trade has seen price change. But; my hunch is few have actually sat down and REALLY thought about the specific dynamics that underlie each price movement. Good stuff IMHO!

Valuewise.....when one considers how much time they may have sat in front of their screen looking for the next sure-fire push-button system at FF or other sites....and how much they value their time (hourly) at.....this book becomes a steal. For less than a day's pay worth of time....they get some real meat and a follow-up resource site. Is this the next MA crossover system that promises millions? Nope! Is this a toolbox full of ideas and concepts that can help lead the practical trader to success? Sure seems so!

Thumbs up from me.

Review by Bob Flowers:

Hey man I got my copy of order flow trading for fun and profit yesterday! Impressive stuff you've put together.

Review by Gabe M.:

Excellent information. Thank you very much.

Review by Jimmy Jones:

Finished up the book. By the end things have become much clearer. Before I was drowning in information overload from the FF thread. So many people talking about so many different things. I feel like I have a path through all that stuff now, a base of concepts to study, contemplate, understand and practice on. The book was worth every penny!

I don't think I will be participating in these forums over the next 30 days. Too many people talking about too many different things. I need to focus on the core ideas in the book, work through the 30 day practice, and make these ideas my own before I can contribute in a meaningful way here without getting off track.

See you all in 30 days. And thanks for sharing the info in the book DS. Totally worth the price!

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