New Site Features and Darkstar's First Video

What up peeps? I got something new and, in my humble opinion, pretty damn cool; my first order flow trading video!

For the first one I wanted to go with something light and easy to explain. As such, this video is about all the new site features we've been implementing here at

Yeah it's a smidge longer then it should be, but I have a special bonus in there for anyone who manages to get all the way through it. ;)

So check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Open Chat Event - Come Hang With the Pros

On Tuesday March 26, 2013, starting at 8am EST, we will be hosting a 100% FREE Open Chat Event for all visitors to check out the Real Time Trader Chat here at 

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Some good news and some bad news.

As it turns out I’ve run into a major issue with the articles. I have several articles in various stages of development, but I keep running into the same problem; I can’t seem to explain anything of interest to you guys without pulling in a mountain of ancillary information...

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Here comes the content...

Well my friends, it's taken a good 2 months of work, but the site upgrades are finally done!

I'd really like to thank you guys for your patience through it all. I know it's been a bit tedious with the constant restarts, downtime, and my lack of participation in the chat and on the forum...

The good news is, now that all the infrastructure in place, I can finally move on to developing some new content.

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Site Upgrade - Progress Report

It's been a few weeks since I announced that I was starting a major site revision, so I thought it was time for an update on the progress.

As of yet I haven't added much in the way of new content because I've been concentrating on a ton of infrastructure improvements. For example:

Chat Logs are now integrated into the site: Until recently I was exporting the chat logs and just posting the xml file to the forum. However, as we are quickly approaching 1 million chat messages...

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Free One-on-One Mentoring by Darkstar?

Yes my friend, you read that right. You're looking at a once in a lifetime opportunity to get 20 hours of FREE one-on-one trading mentorship with Darkstar himself!

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Darkstar Forex is Now - More Big Changes Coming Soon

You might have noticed a few changes to the site; like the new domain name (, the new logo, new public forum section, and the new Articles page. It's all part of a massive rebranding project I'm undertaking to improve your chances at finding success in the trading business.

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Announcing: Real Time Trader Chat at

Now you can trade along with me, Monday through Friday, during the New York session!

I will be answering your Order Flow Trading questions and offering real time market and trade opportunity analysis that you can use to achieve immediate profitability!

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** Check Out The Cover Art! **

Click this post to view the cover art for Order Flow Trading for Fun and Profit.

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Ohh Sweet Liquidity - Part 2

For the first time since 2006, read the thread that started the Order Flow Trading revolution! Part 2 of 2

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  1. Re: Free One-on-One Mentoring by Darkstar?

    This is old post but no comments... nobody applied? :D :P Ok than... I'm in :D Let us know if Santa is...


  2. Re: New Site Features and Darkstar's First Video

    Nice vid DS! Really natural presentation especially for the amount of material you covered. Lots of good...

    --Venti leverage