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Order Flow Trading Academy

Order Flow Trading Academy is the education and recruitment division of Predator Trading Group, a boutique proprietary trading firm specializing in order flow trading strategies. We have one objective; to train the next generation of master order flow traders with the skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive field of financial market speculation.

What is Order Flow Trading?

Asset prices change when traders execute orders in the market. Unlike Technical and Fundamental Analysis, which try to use historical chart activity, or economic analysis techniques to predict when orders will enter the market, Order Flow trading is a discipline focused on the actual orders participants place. As a metagame analysis technique, Order Flow Traders seek to exploit the behavior of other participants for consistent trading profits. And from experience we can tell you that there is no better way to trade.

Why do we do this?

Its simple really. Our parent company is always in search of new talent and it's often hard to find. The Order Flow Trading Academy gives us an opportunity to locate and hire the future trading superstars ahead of the competition.

Are you the next superstar trader?

If you think you have what it takes to be one of those superstar traders we're looking for, we encourage you to check out our program.

Order Flow Trading Articles

4/24-11.14 - CL comfortable in its daily range as well; Bids noted into 55.00 and offers into 60.00

4/24-10.31 - YM happy to chop but remain ultimately sideways; stops growing on both sides of the market: 18040 and 17935

4/24-09.55 - Real money continues to be wildly absent this week

4/24-09.50 - Fund Position: WLB

4/24-09.33 - As has been the case this week, forex uninspired and chopping about. Broad equities suppressed as bonds rise, though individual equities plays still abundant on earnings

4/24-08.51 - ZN taking off on poor core durable goods data; hitting some offers at current pricing and stops noted over 129’170

4/24-08.40 - U.S. Open Sentiment Analysis

4/24-08.27 - US Durable goods: 4% !! on the headline, however, much lower on all the other ex- measures.

4/24-08.24 - Forex Orderboard

4/24-08.08 - At the bottom of the hour: US Durable Goods, Core exp 0.3% vs–0.6 prior (more)

4/24-08.05 - Moscovici: there is no deal in sight; time is running out

4/24-07.52 - Good Article about the Flash Crash and Nav Sarao

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