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What separates the predators from the sheep?

How is it that 5% of traders can pull consistent profits year after year, while everyone else seems to get blown out over and over again?

To put it simply, the 5% of traders who are consistent profitable know something about trading that you don't. And it's costing you dearly.

It feels like you're reliving the same story every day.

You wait patiently for that perfect chart pattern to develop. Today it's a textbook head and shoulders pattern. Every book and forum post you've ever read has you convinced that when the pattern completes, the market is going down.

The neck line breaks and you pull the trigger. You know exactly where to place your stop and take profit... and you do.

Seconds later the market drops a handful of ticks. You're in the green and your feeling pretty good.

Then it all falls apart.

Price seems to reverse on a dime. You have your stop behind resistance, and that should protect you, but it doesn't. Price quickly blows through it and your stop is gone. It's another failed trade and again your account is a little bit smaller.

Why? Why does this always happen to you? You've studied hard. You followed the rules. Why do things just never work out the way they should?

Well my friend, your trades consistently fail because you mistakenly continue to believe that technical or fundamental analysis is the path to trading profits.

On the surface, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis make a great deal of sense.

Fundamental Analysis tells us that, in the long run, prices are driven by fundamental supply and demand. Study the fundamentals, project them into the future, place your trade so that you can capture those projections, and if you project correctly, you'll make money.

Technical Analysis tells us that, in the short run, prices are driven by traders. Traders are creatures of habit and those habits manifest themselves in recurring chart patterns. Find a recurring pattern, place your trade before the pattern completes, and profits are sure to follow.

Unfortunately, once you start trying to apply these very sensible philosophies in a real world market, you realize that they aren't worth the paper they are written on.

What you may NOT realize is that there is another way to do things. A way that actually allows you to make accurate predictions for where prices are going. Its the way the 5% of profitable traders operate. The way of the Market Predator.

And it's called Order Flow Trading.

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