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Getting ready to launch

Inevitably everything takes longer then it’s supposed to. It’s a given. And I try to bake it into my expectations, but I still seem to underestimate. I’m not going to bore you with all the details of why I haven’t been able to do much with the site these last couple week. I imagine the delays in launching the incubator fund give you some idea already. What I will say is that we’re right at the finish line. I have the LLCs for the firm and the fund registered. The bank accounts will be opened Monday. The brokerage account application has been submitted and should be open (hopefully) Tuesday or Wednesday. Soon as that’s done, I have $50k to start building a track record with. :D I’ve also plotted out the general outline of what we need to do to reach $5m AUM over the next 18 months. It’s not Ferrari and hookers money, but it can pay the bills and throw off some additional working capital for the firm. That having been said, there is a LOT of work to do. Thankfully it comes in stages and the one I’ve been in i ...

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The Role of Soft Skills in Trading

For most of my adult life, I've had a problem. While I've always been great at analytical processes like logic and dealing with numbers, I was at best socially insecure. For many years I went out of my way to avoid people. I didn't have many friends and those that I did have were kept at a distance. And the very idea of actively trying to make new friends was utterly terrifying. That was my problem really. Being insecure about my social skills meant a constant fear that I would say or do something foolish in the process of socializing and be forced to bear the emotional turmoil that comes with rejection. And it was debilitating. There was a time not long ago when I feared ordering a pizza over the phone and would make my girlfriend do it for me so that I wouldn't have to confront my social anxiety. Let's just say it was pretty bad. So when I tell you that the application of soft skills toward growing the fund is the highest and best use of my time, you should appreciate how hard it was for me to get there. Wh ...

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What it means to dream big

I recently re-watched Wall Street Warriors, and while I was watching it I was struck with a flash of valuable insight. In the second season of the show there is a 28 year old private equity guy named Brett Hickey, who at the time of recording had over $100m under management. As I'm watching this show I find myself asking a question; how is it that this guy at 28 years old has already accomplished so much? I'm 38 and I still haven't come anywhere close to that level of success. Which REALLY got me thinking... What is the difference between him and I? How is it that this kid can be 10 years younger than me, yet he's pulling down orders of magnitude more money? Is he really so much different? Is he better? Was he imbued with some massive advantage that I wasn't? In short, why him and not me? Then I started thinking about a friend of mine. He is a very successful man. He's built several multi-million dollar a year businesses, he's been 100% ethical in the process, and he really makes sure that everyone who is a p ...

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Things are evolving so quickly

Things are evolving so quickly and I'm struggling to manage my time. I really do enjoy the process of writing. It helps me organize my thoughts on a wide range of subjects and while I'm sure other have their own opinions, I think I'm pretty good at it. Long as I know what I want to write about anyway... Historically that was the problem. I wasn't sure what my site visitors would be interested in reading and the act of trying to figure that out was in itself destructive toward my creativity. So I wound up writing very little. And the sparseness of the site was testament to that fact. But with this new business model... this new purpose for the site and my life generally, I now struggle with getting the content out fast enough. Every day that goes by I'm finding new insights to share, and discovering more knowledge that I need to convey to those who seek to follow me on this path to becoming a hedge fund billionaire. Just this week Effy and I have made huge strides in optimizing our trade discovery and analysis ...

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How to learn financial markets and trading

How do people really learn something? It probably seems like a question without need of an answer. After all we are all constantly learning things. Hell, babies and children do it automatically. How hard could it be? And if it happens automatically is it even necessary to think about how it happens? For most people in most situations it probably doesn't matter all that much. However, for better or worse I've taken it upon myself to teach a small army of people how to do something extremely complicated, and that being the case, I think about that question often. I do a lot of research on it too. As a byproduct, I've come to learn a few things about... well... learning. One of the big things I've learned is that different types of knowledge are learned in different ways. By that I mean; different types of knowledge require different PROCESSES of learning. For example, if you wanna learn how to be a plumber, the most effective path is for you to follow along with a master plumber for a few years. As you follow ...

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A Quick Update

Alright so, it's presently 11pm on Sunday night and I've been grinding away at site work all weekend. As such, this post is going to be brief. Just want to update you on the latest happenings...First up, the site has been locked back down. Mindset lessons are still free for anyone who registers an account, and after you register you'll be able to see the pro tools pages, but there is little/no content on any of them yet. I did manage to finish the pro tools overview page, and if you're logged in you can take a look at that here.The site is still something of a mess with several pages blank and or missing, but I know a lot of you guys who have been using the trading floor chat room, news service, and classroom lessons these last couple weeks are eager to continue. With that in mind I've gone live with the subscription system, and through May 10th 2015 you can get the advanced tools package for a substantially discounted price of $49/mo for as long as you maintain the subscription. For more details, click here. ...

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It's been a hectic week.

I know I said that I would get the next blog post out on Saturday, but since my last post many important, fun, and interesting things have happened. All of which has conspired to consume the time I had allotted to do it.Not that it's particularly bad - a lot of what happened relates to the hedge fund project and the website, so it's not like I was slacking on you guys - but going forward I need to be more careful about making commitments related to low priority tasks like blog posting...In any event, as I said, lots of things have happened over the last week, and I think it's important I bring you guys up to speed.First off, the fund has its first executive board member, investor, and link to the vast interconnected web of contacts we'll need to raise accredited and institutional capital.I can't tell you his name yet, for a number of reasons, but what I can tell you is that he's been a very good friend of mine for many years. We've worked together on numerous projects over those years and it's been a great re ...

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The New Order of Things.

This is really hard... and kind of ironic.I've been running this site for about 4 years now, and it's been a constant struggle to come up with things to write about. I've gone so far as to hire full time writers to come up with shit to post. And lots of the stuff they came up with was good info, but even with that I couldn't seem to get my own creative juices flowing.Then I had this epiphany about the direction I wanted to go with the site, and my life in general, and now I'm struggling to figure out what to write about first. :PThere are soooo many things I want to talk to you guys about. The pool of knowledge I possess about this industry is deep. And I think there is much more to share about me, and my life, that people really do want to know.But where to begin? How to start the discussion? What topics do we need to cover first?I guess I should start with the vision. Where this site is going and how it ties into the overall plan of building a hedge fund.If you're reading this, that's probably what you care ...

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It’s Time For Something New…

I'm not happy.I haven't been happy for a very long time.Why? Well, I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret...Fully 90% of you who read this will be gone in a year. Your accounts will be emptied, either via lost trades, or with a redemption request after a soul crushing loss that convinces you that you'll never be a successful trader.At some point over the next year, you'll decide to go back to the job you hate and double your efforts to "make the best of it," or hit the internet in search of your next get rich quick plan.Either way, you won't be trading, and you'll likely never be a day trader.When I started this trading education business I was under the mistaken belief that the reason only 5% of people who try to become a day trader succeed at it comes down to a lack of knowledge.I believed that were I to create quality education resources, and teach people what they needed to know, I could help the other 95% achieve their dreams.I was wrong. And the realization of that fact has been eating me up insid ...

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    Hey, I appreciate it. I went and built a little excel file while I had some down time at work and it...


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    oh please. don't tell me you believe this shit. if you want to make money KEEP AWAY from Forex binary...